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The Commissar

"Screw them, father, they know not what they do."

Tremendous, IH.


Damn TV, ruining my attention span so that I'm not able to read a blog longer than two sentences or write one longer than ... hey, look, David Letterman!

Funny post though, from what I've read. Welcome back, Iowahawk.


Good thing he's not a Muslim.

Talking in that vein about Muhammad et al. could get him accused of blasphemy with a fatwa.

Kufr in Paradise


Is this really Kos's first draft, or is it IowaHawk's satirical revision? Seriously. I feel dumb if it's just a joke.

Dave in Texas

to apologize, or not to apologize...that is the question!


" 'reality,' it was not true. And at the 'same' time, true. Fact is, I did 'feel' something. That's why I 'was' so angry."

Ahhh, spiteful rehash. I do love it so.


Thankee! I'll be doing a slideshow of my vacation adventures soon.


Welcome back Hawk. Still in fine form, I see.

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