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The #40 should unquestionably be retired universally in memory of Pat. Afterall, it was not just the Arizona Cardinals that he represented. It was this entire great nation. The NFL owes their existance to all of the men and women of the Armed Forces, and should honor them all by retiring #40 permanently. Furthermore, I belive that Pat's name should be entered into every ring of fame in every NFL stadium in order to ensure that the greatest hero this league has and will ever see is never forgoten!!!


During the coverage of the draft on ESPN, someone (Berman?) stated that the Arizona Cardinals have retired #40, and that ASU retired "Tillman's number." I don't know if that means #40 or #42, the number Tillman wore in college.


Does anybody know what Mr. Tilman's rank was? They usually publish this kind of info, but I have not heard it mentioned.


Excellent idea! After retiring #40, we should drop 40 megatons of hydrogen bombs on Islamo-fascist countries every year on the anniversary of Mr. Tillman's untimely death.


Yes, Major League Baseball has honored Jackie Robinson by retiring his #42 across all franchises at all levels. But are you sure it was in 1972? I recall it being done much more recently than that.


Its already done, I sent my request this morning.
Thanks for the idea.

hawkeye steve

Amen, brother.

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