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Ken Hall

Mr. Decaf Earl Grey, meet Mr. Monitor. And Mr. Keyboard. And Mr. Speaker and his twin brother, also Mr. Speaker.


I'm trying to laugh, I really am. I can't help but think of all the questions we ought to be asking, like What's up with Saddam? What are you guys doing with him, and what kind of deals are you making so he'll ix-nay on the uts-gay illing-spay?

How about those Pakis? Do you really trust them, or are they just more Iraqi policemen types?

Is your Dad really pissed at you? Are you grounded or anything?

How could you let Daschle select 9-11 Committee members? His wife's the top airline lobbyist ever! If anyone's responsible for making sure those jihadis had the run of those planes, it's the airlines. Think the Daschles'd like to keep that one off the table?

Whattr'ya, stupid? Geez.

Okay, I feel better now.

person of choler

Damn good. Keep it up.


Oh. Wow. that was just...too funny.I am so glad I laughed out loud tonight; thanks.

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