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Clem Snide

As I understand, Mr Terrorism was chosen by an audience poll from a bunch of bikini-clad European bureaucrats mincing down a catwalk during a wet T-shirt contest. The one judged by the audience to be the most simpering and submissive won the title, and was given the ooportunity to be pack-raped during a conjugal visit to islamic terrorists serving their three-month sentence in a French prison. Mr Terrorism will be responsible for liaison with islamic terrorist groups, in order to ensure that their terrorism is conducted in strict accordance with official EU standards.


Update: "Mr. Terrorism" has just named his "super friend" assistants in the war against the war on terrorism:
1)Mr. Potato Head
2)Mr. Sparkle
3)Mr. Ed
4)Mr. Bungle
5)Mr. Rogers
Mrs. Doubtfire declined the invitation to become a super friend.

R. Shackleford

You out of town hawk?


Could this be Mr. Terrorism?

John in Tokyo

Will Mr. Terrorism be going around lecturing to elementary school kids in that funny costume - making an appearance after Mr. Body. Will they finance an afterschool special?

R. Shackleford

Thanks, you rock. Now let's go get some of our money back!!

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