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Rusty Shackleford

You need a new painting. Perhaps one of gezpacho eating surrender monkeys?

Also, remember the fascists won that one. The good thing about fascists is they all have a common cult of personality theme. Unfortunately for us, Islamofascism does not share this characteristic. When Franco died, so did Spanish fascism.

John in Tokyo

I dropped a flower outside the Spanish emabassy in Tokyo on Saturday. (It's near my office and I had to swing by anyway). The place was completely under construction and there were no other flowers but I left one anyway.

Now that the Spanish electorate has decided that the biggest problem is America, not al-Qaida, I've had second thoughts. Of couse I feel bad for the people that got blown up. But my God, this is a disaster.


Spain surrendered today, terrorism wins.



Mr. Bingley

what? bushcheneyrumsfeld bombed guernica?

spain has bravely stood with us, and we will stand with her.


I second that emotion.

The expressions of grief, the shock and brokenheartedness of the people on the streets in Spain were eerily familiar.

Lets hope it is the last echo.

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