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gnostic surface

Why not go all the way and change the sheriff's given (oops, almost said Christian!) name to Maurice? If you add a woman of easy virtue named Dorothy Org, I'm sure you'll find a Mo Vaughn, Dot Org angle somewhere in this fable.


An excellent analogy!


This whole appeasement movement was cooked up in Massachusetts by Teddy Kennedy and his terrorist insurance buddies.

fat kid

I think Neal Boortz posted something very similar right around 9/11. This is much prettier though ;)


Oops. I had it originally 'McVeigh' (a character from High Noon) but later realized it was also the surname of the OKC mass murderer. I changed it to 'Vaughn' as not to equate weak-kneed cowardice with proactive evil.


Is it Vaughn or McVeigh?

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