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Count me in in double!!!! Wow, to hang with the coolest comedic minds that the creator of worlds has granted life is a dream come true! ALLAHU AKBAR!!! Thank you for being "in the house".

Ian S.

I thought the bikes were kind of tangential to AC anyway. I mean, I tune in religiously just to hear Paul Sr. yell at people. Too bad his bobblehead doesn't have a voice chip.


Pj Clarke's on State Parkway & Division Street is also another option, and they have small private dining rooms.Cru cafe & wine bar has fabu wine flights and the best Cobb Salad anywhere. Plus, they have a swanky vibe with outdoor seating in the Spring & Summer.

Any place but the suburbs, please! (No Car)


Re: the Chicago get together.....

Cool. A whole herd o' bloggers and acolytes (like me) comin' to town. Lemme know when.

Site suggestions:
The Grafton- upscale take on an Irish Pub, owned by the son of the guy that opened the Irish Oak over by Wrigley Field (another good option). Good food (righteous Irish breakfasts for the health conscious), good drink. Located in Lincoln Square area, near several other bars/pubs like the Daily Bar and Grill, and some German rathskellar like places.

Simon's- old neighborhood bar that's been around since prohibition, located in Andersonville (Swedish neighborhood) not far from the Green Mill. Has arguably the best jukebox in the universe, no food but near lots o' good eats.

Hop Leaf- just down the street from Simon's, features an amazing beer list (emphasis on Belgian trappist 10w40 grade beer), recently added food service. Run by a pseudo-communist Detroit auto worker refugee, but the guy will at least argue fairly.

Ten Cat- cool bar, good pool players, great ramshackle beer garden (weather permitting). Not far from Cafe 28, amazing cuban/american restaurant. On Ashland near Irving Park (north side).

Schuba's- located in rehabbed former Schlitz drafthouse. Joined with Harmony Grill which has pretty fine pub grub. Great venue for live music, with lots of neo country "no depression" style bands featured. Near Belmont/Lincoln/Ashland intersection.

Your options are good as well, though the Green Mill might be a little cramped for a sit down.

mark godwin cedar rapids, iowa

I've never driven a motorbike..but I recall hearing some years back that choppers are hard to steer. Is this true?

By the way..this is the fisrt time I've read your site.and now it will be a regular thing for me..I remember you from Little Green Footballs.


To tell the truth, I'm not much of a steak-cigar-golf-scotch type. But the Smith & Wollensky in Chicago is next door to the House of Blues, which is very cool...


For mass quantities of dead animal, nothing beats


Tough guy, eh? You'll have a tough time catching me on my 3-speed Huffy scrambler. It's got a way-cool sissy bar and a Mattel 'vroom' motor.

Randal Robinson

I dunno, I'm no expert on building choppers (understatement alert!) but it seems to me that the only parts they always order from stock are the frames, engines, and seats. They do a lot of designing and fabrication on the rest of the bike. That fireman's bike was really awesome, I thought.

But I'll bow to your superior automotive snobbery, Iowahawk...for now. Don't be surprised if I show up at your doorstep someday with a really cool OCC bike and make you grovel at my feet. Or, at the very least, with an OCC tire iron to whack you in the knee Tonya Harding-style.


errrr.... I don't know 'bout that, Randal. OCC doesn't so much 'build' choppers; they assemble pre-fab mail order chopper kits, then MIG weld little doodads on the fenders to accomplish some goofy 'theme' - helicopter, tank, GI Joe Aquaman adventure, circus wagon, etc.

The funniest episode was when Jay Leno commissioned OCC to do a chopper that would look like a Brough Superior - bikedom's holy grail. I though their heads would implode, trying to figure out a motorcycle-themed motorcycle.

If you want to see real skills, check out Indian Larry (Gasoline Alley), Chopper Dave, Cole Foster (Salinas Boys), Billy Lane, Sucker Punch Sally, and my personal favorite - Scott Craig...

/automotive snobbery

Randal Robinson

No arguments on Lileks and Steyn - two of my favorites.

I'm an "American Chopper" guy myself even if pretty much every episode has the same storyline: "Tempers flare as the deadline looms and emotions reach a boiling point." The bikes they build are awesome though.

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