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Is' that OUR Naomi "The Hoover" Wolf Yale class of 1982??!! Why did'nt she write about the time we pulled that train on her at the Frat House???

The Guys from Omega House, Yale Class of '82


Don't objectify me, you pig!

I am plumber, hear me roar.

Rusty Shackleford

Iowahawk, your my hero. I think I have a hetero-man-crush on you.


Hawk, something about that photo with the original article makes me want to fly back to New York and stand swaying under Naomi's apartment window, wearing a duster coat and holding a boom box playing "In Your Eyes".

Seriously, after twenty years...why'd she even bother?


excellent, mr. iowahawk. i have not had a keystone light in years. and i love where you located the burning man festival -- wouldn't that take the whole state down? i see limbs and digits aflame raining down on ben & jerry outlets.

also, you've an extra "was" in the "She offered me a drink..." paragraph.

Cedar Pundit

Omigod, this is soooo f-in funny.........

Guy Smilee

Alright, pal - you officially owe me a new laptop. One that isn't sullied by spit-take spew.


"...the surroundings gave no hint that here lived a perverted intellectual asscrack fetishist."

Sweet. Psychological studies reveal most people's greatest fear is that their pillow arrangements and dust ruffle selections will give away their darkest personal demons...


Sorry spongey, I plead BWI. I further apologize for omitting

fuzzy flesh furrow
Jockey ditch
midfield stripe
beltline vertical peekaboo
roofer's companion
bum divot
grimy gulch

Thanx all for kind comments.

John Rogers

Great stuff, Iowahawk.


Can-canyon? Are you serious here? What stopped you from using "fudge fiord"?

He spluttered.


"In my asscrack, Naomi Wolf saw a soft spot of lint. I look, and see the soft spot of complicity."

Why do you hurt me so?? I'm dying over here.
And making it look like 43 pages long...
too much. Thanks for the laugh.

John in Tokyo

This is art. I tried to contain my self but I lost it when it got to "The hairs on your crevasse collect lint quite nicely."

I love the photo of her when she was a student back in the '80's. The hair. Oh Namomi you're so fine, Hey Naomi...Hey Naomi.

I'm surprised the article didn't say "I felt his cold, bone-less hand on my leg warmer"

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