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The fact is Chomsky is correct. I notice people like to fart out their opinions but they are unwilling to look into the facts.

The example is just one of many but it takes WORK on
your part to THINK and check it out. Look for the Newsweek from Feb 8, 1971 and you will see that Sadat's offer is reported then look at Newsweek August 2, 1982 and you will see it is lied
about (as the mainstream media lies about it NOW. Now
thye pretend that the 1971 offer never existed.)

For Newsweek's article, see "Middle East: Small
Blessings," Newsweek, February 8, 1971, p. 36. An

In part, the Egyptian position [in a memorandum to
U.N. special Mideast mediator Gunnar Jarring] echoed
the U.N. resolution of November 1967, which called on
Israel to withdraw from territories occupied during
the six-day war. In exchange, Cairo promised to call
an end to the state of war against Israel, respect
Israel's territorial integrity and agree that Israel
should have free access to all international
waterways. . . . Security in the area could be
guaranteed, the Egyptians added, by establishing
demilitarized zones on both the Arab and Israeli sides
of the frontier, zones that could be policed by a U.N.
peace-keeping force made up, at least in part, of
American, Soviet, British and French troops. ("On no
account," responded Mrs. Meir [the Israeli Prime
Minister], "will a force of that kind come in place of
secure, recognized and agreed borders.") . . .
[T]he Egyptian text specifically did not call for a
Security Council meeting on the Middle East, a move
that Cairo had been threatening and Jerusalem had
warned would upset the Jarring applecart. Commented
[Egyptian] Ambassador el-Zayyat: "We want Jarring's
mission to succeed."

Now campare that to the LIE that Geroge Will wrote in
For Will's article, see George Will, "MidEast Truth
and Falsehood," Newsweek, August 2, 1982, p. 68
("Sadat, remembered as a peacemaker, first made war. .
. . Having failed to get to Jerusalem with Soviet
tanks, Sadat went by Boeing 707"). On Sadat's earlier
rejected peace offer, see footnote 47 of this chapter.

Don't go posting ignorant opinions on the Internet if
you are unwilling to back them up.


In his book "Understanding Power", Chomsky gives a dramatic example of the official lies and how they are maintained. He talks about Sadat's 1971 peace offer. The deal is press and scholarship are "playing the game", which means facts go down the memory hole if they don't fit the image that powerful interests want presented.
The 1971 Sadat peace offer is a perfect example. You wrote that you believed Israel was the only one in the entire region that genuinely wants peace. this is false but the reason you believe it is because you have been presented a false image by people why "play the game."
read page 127-128 of Understanding Power. I will summarize: One of the false premises is the one you hold about "Israel being the only one that wants peace". This is the false doctrine of "arab rejectionism". That doctrine is as Chomsky explains in "Necessary Illusions" "... to present the United States and Israel as "yearning for peace" and pursuing a "peace process," while in reality they have led the rejectionist camp and have been blocking peace initiatives that have broad international and regional support."

This is accomplished by suppressing facts that don't fit this premise. So for years writers have been pretending that Sadat didn't offer peace with Israel until 1977. The example Chomsky points out is just one of many. Writers that push these lies and they get away with it because people "play the game". George Will pushed it in his article in Newsweek. When Chomsky wrote Newsweek to tell them that George Will's article was false and that Sadat had offered peace back in 1971, Newsweek's research editor called CHomsky to ask him where he got the facts about the 1971 offer, Chomsky told her that it was published in Newsweek itself at the time back in 1971. The woman looked into it and agreed that Chomsky was right and she told him they would run his letter that pointed this out. BUT an hour latter she called and said they would not run the letter because George Will was having a tantrum.
As Chomsky writes, But the point is, in Newsweek and the New York Times and the Washington Post and so on, you simply cannot state these facts- it's like belief in divinity or something, the lies have become immutable truth."



Not only will they shriek, they will blame NC's demise on Bush, the CIA, KKKorporate Amerikkka, the Joooooooos, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Comission, and everyone else who refused to take Chomsky's screeds as the gospel truth.

The Sanity Inspector

That remark about Israel turning down an Egyptian peace offer in 1971 cries out for a good fisking. But I'm not in a position to do it right now. Any takers?



No one will have to tell you. When the most-quoted in-duh-lectual alive goes off to that great "deep structure" beneath the ground, a thousand aca-dumb-ics will shriek.

John in Tokyo
Rusty Shackleford

Can someone please notify me when Noam Chomsky joins Edward Said?

You go!

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