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My Robot Ron

my little moron,

Clear channel is a huge conglomerate of radio stations run by a very conservative group of folks. Howard Stern pushed a little too hard on the thin line of decency and clear channel pushed back. As for the so called whores in the government, you may recall that Powell (head of the fcc) recently called the Howard Stern show a news program to get him out of providing equal time to the 199 Californian governor candidates. Now are you actually suggesting that the government ordered a news show off the air or are the whores (us) just voting whores into office who tell the other whores to back off our man, you skanky whore bitch. TALK TO THE HAND WHORE!


"why's everything gotta be so narrow?"

I... don't... know. But I'll bitch to typepad about it.

Eric Deamer


Did the government censor which letters you could use and that's why nothing was spelled right? Did they censor which words you could use, reducing you to typing "whore" over and over again?


Love your blog, but why's everything gotta be so narrow. It's so narrow it even messes the comment box up?


Don't anyone tell you othewise; this is censorship, as in govrnmentcensorship. Those Clear Channel people (whores) were promising those Congresssional whores anything they demanded.
If Clear Channel wants to fire one of their shows, thats their business, and if the government is ordering them to do it, then they(Clear Channel) should jolly well tell the bovernment to stay their whore asses out of their business. That they will program or not program as they see fit and not as some cabal of Senate hearings would dictate.


Rusty, Anal or nasal?

Frank J.

Rusty Shackleford sounds like an pseudonym...

Anyway, quit with these humor posts; I don't like the competition.

Rusty Shackleford

Reading that post was better than sex!

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