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Rusty Shackleford

Nuclear holocaust in America's heartland? Must have been a slow news day at the NY Times.


StraightShooter its time for your meds!

btw, George didn't dismantle the Brewers. They are now the Yankee's team in the Instructional League. Their payroll wasn't high enough to qualify for entry into Single A.


Hmmm... News parody and a dig at the Red Sox. Are you the mutant love child of Scott Ott and Allah?


Glad the ol'hawk of Iowa sees the importance of marriage clearly. First, its nothing more important then real butter over alternatives, then it makes a nuclear holocaust pale in comparison to its importance. So which is it? Did you learn your propaganda from the politburo?

Go back to your aids infected bathhouse where you belong.


Candidly, I think baseball is narcolepsy on grass. I go to a couple of Cub games every year if my insomnia acts up.


You're not a Yankees fan, are you?

Then again, perhaps you are, and this is your fantasy of easy summer livin'.

Confusion aside, this Yankee fan laughed her a$$ off!

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