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ashley g.

im a republican, so when i typed in kerry and dean haters at google, this popped up. my god i hope bush wins.
p.s: for info about kerrys botox injections, visit

Randal Robinson

This is exactly why I always wear a cup when testing empirical data.


True, I didn't count sarcasm either way. But it's instructive to type "I hate Bush" into Google and sample the rich smorgasboard of derangement that pops up.

BTW, I enjoy your site.


I suspect that a lot of the Rightist love points are really hate points in sarcastic disguise. My site is FULL of fake Leftist love.

Being negative isn't necessarily a bad thing. Railing against phantom enemies (e.g., a Bush theocracy or a Kerry Communist regime) is a waste of time, but I don't believe in giving "equal time" to dangerous ideologies.

Mr. Bingley

now, is publishing this data a 'hatecrime'?


I do agree that there are a lot more 'playa-hatas' out in the leftwing world. I just don't know if this test is entirely accurate. We are in a time when Republicans have a majority in Congress, and in the White House. I think that tends to draw out the anger a bit. One difference that I've found, however, is that leftwingers' anger tends to be much more of the 3rd Grade nannernannernanner variety, rather than anything based on logic or reasoning.


Lots of wrong-headedness on the Left regarding what Republicans really stand for.

Doug in VA

I just hate it when Republicans resort to facts!

Great site, BTW.

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