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Michael Pyshnov

Nothing compares with the fraud perpetrated by the
University of Toronto on me. See this:
(If this site is banned on your internet server,
see it as Cached on Google query "university of
toronto fraud")
And still more - nothing, not a word could be
published about this fraud! I feel like I am in
a former Soviet Union and the press is serving
corrupt university and the corrupt government.
Michael Pyshnov.

John Zienka

Only a strangely demented mind could find so many examples of academic malfeasence and spin them all into such a great yarn. I am humbled. By the way, your discovery of the Opera, Scumbaggio, was perhaps the funniest thing that I have ever read. I almost miss the Clintons. Forget that.....

Thanks for all the years of brilliant humor, and

Best regards

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