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Actually, I kinda like the idea of the red bumper stickers. Not bad for a Calvinist Bastich. Come on boys, Bring it on down to the Presbydome and we'll go Reformational on your Heinies!
;-} We kid 'cause we care.

John Meeker

Ya shure; it's those REDS.

See, I'm from Ohio, and I lived over Winter in St. Paul once, and DROVE thru Northeast Iowa. I understand Decorah. And it's REDS.

Just look at the last 'election map' of the U.S. You know..the map that had the country all divied up into itty bitty squares of either Blue or Red, depending on whether that distrect was Dem or Repub.

Well, ya see...most of the country is REDS!!!!
Thats right; except for the urban Babylons or Sodom and Gommorahs, the demographics show that we are mostly RED.

So now, when this radical fundamentalism is documented and presented in a reliable news forum like this one, we can just figure that it's another manifistation of REDS. Alarming.

Next thing you know there will be plain RED-colored bumper stickers being seen on sedans and pickup trucks all over the Mid West. No words. Just plain RED rectangles, disquieting in that peculiar Mid Western way.

What's next? Plain RED flags? RED marchers in the Memorial Day parade? RED stickers in shop windows? A RED website? RED 'flash crowds' at Dairy Queens and bowling alleys?

New York and Chicago and San Francisxco are alarmed. They thought the Mid West and that 'sort of demographic' had just rolled over and died, in the presence of their demonstrably superior culture.

But NO....In Thunder, the REDS are manifesting themselves. In the very heart of the heartland, Decorah, Iowa -- one of the nicest places on this planet and in all of human history -- an Eden, the REDS have arisen to say. "Now look here. We just don't do that sort of thing."

Firey words, indeed, my friends. These REDS will bear watching. who knows what profound effects they may have on elections if they are aroused. Stay tuned for more news from this venue, I'm sure. Have a nice day.

RED John

of Maumee, Ohio -- where ducks yet fly and the walleye arrives in spring.


Ish-da. Uh-boy, dis vill get ya blackballed from the annual all-ya-can-eat Christmas lutefisk dinner fer sure, ya.


Keep the faith, and pass the liefsa! Uff da!

Mr. Biel


Ms. Andi

How are we are ever going to win this war on terror if we continue to ignore what is going on in our backyard?


"...and I guess that was your accomplice in the woodchipper..."

Eric Pobirs

Uff Da? Is that insane Norbert Sykes still running loose?

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