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Leonard Pinth-Garnell

Now that just tears it. My next combine is gonna be a John Deere.

How about making your next road test a 1964 IH school bus, (with stick shift)?


Lynn S

10,000 in one day! That is SO depressing. Even with an Instalanche 600 in a day is the most I've ever gotten and after almost two years my daily average is only about 125. I feel so... so... inadequate. Waaaahhh... boohoohoo...

Uh...sorry about that. We little nobodies get so jealous you know. You've got a great blog. Congratulations on your success.


"Due to a friendly letter from a giant multinational corporation, the logo has been changed."

Nice to see you're getting the recognition you deserve. :-)

But with those kind of numbers IH should have struck a deal with YOU, - to direct traffic to their site.


Hey, that's not a Goodyear tire is it? Boy are you in trouble. Love your bloggage.

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