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No, even more amazing is that I work with people who lap up every word she pens.

George Turner

What amazes me is that someone actually pays her to write that stuff. It would be cute in a high-school newspaper, but for a paper read by adults? I can guess what she wrote in her high-school yearbook.

"I want to grow up to write an inane, spiteful, very shallow column for a major American newspaper, which everyone will read just to get irritated with my stupidity."

Eric Deamer

Would it kill ya to get "Rock me Amadeus" in there next time

Dirk Diggler

"Who in the NYT hierarchy is this woman sleeping with to retain her favored position (ahem) on the OP/ED page?"

Good question. I just read the whiny, juvenile piece which inspired Iowahawk's latest creation. MoDo must be a virtuoso when it comes to fellatio.


What, no Dukes of Hazzard reference? Seriously though, you've captured the essence of la Dowd so well that once again I must ask: Who in the NYT hierarchy is this woman sleeping with to retain her favored position (ahem) on the OP/ED page?


A golden shining gem of fabulosity. Your socks are totally woofed and warped, man!


Oxycontin? Never touch the stuff. I'm a strict vicodin and Annie Green Springs guy.


'hawk, you didn't really take a fistful of Oxycontin and a quart of cheap gin to write this, did you?

You nailed MoDo's style so well, that's why I ask.


Maybe, but when MoDo drops 80s pop culture references she isn't being "ironic." I'm guessing she's the only woman in NY who still wears leg warmers.


Hmmm...I think you hit them all except for:

I want my MTV!

It doesn't get more totally 80's (and therefore "retro cool") than that.

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