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"...he has Iowahawk do it for him."

Hmmm... has anybody ever SEEN Iowahawk and Lileks in the same room at the same time?


Ouch! One more time Iowa and put a little stank on this one.


And I tried to be more serious about the attack. Excellent job! Your on my favorites list.


"Hey Perrin whats that in your hands?"
"Oh, its my ass, Iowahawk handed it to me."



Thank you.

This is gold. So many highlights.

" ...lived most of my adult life in New York City and know the terrain intimately. I have made wild, unabandoned love to many of the rock formations in Central Park;..."

"... Lileks has a sharp eye for pop-culture obscurities and, though long-winded, he can delight those like myself who know by heart the theme songs of Wally Gator and Ruff & Reddy, and my personal favorite, "Let's Stop Obsessin'" that I sang as a child during my weekly sessions with the school psychologist. ..."

"... "The journal that focuses on the things that torment me and I must inform you of," if I can renegotiate our last printing invoice from Kinkos..."


"Picayune Minutiae Quarterly"? Why does that tickle me? I dunno, but it does. Maybe because I suspect it struggled out of the shell of a cheap beer hangover, struggled down the beach of travelers anomie and dodged the hungry boobies of a tempting nearby Flashdancers before finally making it's way out into the cool, welcoming waters of the blogosphere.

Tongue Boy

Aha, found you at last. Onto the "Favorites" with ye, matey.

Tom Paine

James Lileks is above such piffling assaults on him by lesser beings.

He would never stoop to responding to such low-grade attacks.

No - he has Iowahawk to do it for him!

Genius. Pure genius...


Well, fisking it would be a waste of time - but a parody is something else altogether.

Masterful, just masterful! I hope that someone gets a copy to the pinhead.

BTW - I wish that we could e-mail your individual articles. As it is, I have to cut and paste and pass them around by hand like samizdata - or am I risking a visit from the UffDa by admitting this?

I notice you didn't change this line, in which Perrin needs no help making a fool of himself:

"They are the warbloggers, the creation of whom is yet another al Qaeda-sponsored crime."

Curse the Internet and its facilitation of free speech that doesn't declare Bush and his cohorts to be Nazis!

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