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Buckley F. Williams

Sounds like someone's beret is on a little too tight.


Hey Francois,

It is called satire.

Stories don't have to be invented to mock the French since France has such a rich history worthy of being mocked.

What bridge do you live under?

Au revoir. Je ne parle pas francais.

François Morrissette

"It may not sound like much, but after three days of smelly French cigarettes and being called 'cowboys' and 'arrogant' and 'stupid' and stuff, it finally gets to you," said Megan Prosser

And so, because US of Aians can't handle the truth, they must invent stories to mock frenchmen.

Can't handle the truth? At least it's funny to who has humor. Demonstration:

Your president walked boldly into the white house even though most people voted against him. Now, you guys supposedly keep weapons to prevent things like this from happening. Didn't work.

But worse: He then copiously lined his freind's pockets with taxpayer money and sent your economy into a scary steep dive. Add painfully obvious logical flaws of plans such as "trickle down" economics, or destroying welfare, and still you guys let him back in a second time!

So, you can go ahead and make fun of France, watch your "free and unbiased" news, don't think, drink your wine, watch the fire burn. Lies are simple, simple is bliss. But I sincerely feel that presenting only 1/2 the story makes it a complete lie. But still, I know some stuff about political wrongdoings within the us, can you say as much about France? Or closer to home, how about Canada? If not, i would suggest go take a peek at news stations from other continents. Independance from the US spin-matrix is possible.

As a parting question to readers, how can you expect, even far fetched, to make people "free" in other countries by forcing them to use you core-rotton political system? One rotton apple destroys the whole bunch.

- François Morissette


Figures, Not a word from BBC or CNN about this.

Go, IKE, Go!!!

Ya know, you'd think they'd let all us actual graduates of good ole Eisenhower know when something this momentous happens. Maybe I'm not on the alumni mailing list or something.

Seniors '89!!!


I am sitting here shaking with, like,
ze laughter. Iowa has risen in my
estimation! A San Francisco Hawk...(The
San Francisco Hawk?)

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