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RIP Ford


As a fellow who has spent some time in the Crawford area, all I can say is;

Pure genius!

How does an Iowan/Chicagoan come to know so much about Shiner and HEB? Trully, you are wise in the ways of the Lone Star State.


I read your piece this morning and I quite enjoyed it. Then just a few hours later I stumble across this travesty:

Wow. This is the exact type of effette jack-offery you're mocking! Let me just say as a proud resident of H-town - not becoming "Paris on the prairie" is not a cause for saddness, but celebration. And although Houston may still have "miles to travel before it becomes a truly civilized urban center", we have even more miles to travel before we become like this castrated architecture critic (that's a job?) weenie.

Wall-Mart? Isn't that where they sell stuff for walls?

John in Tokyo



The Salvation Army reference is a superb touch. I've long felt that most 'designers' comb the racks there for next season's fashions.


Evan - thanks.

New high concept for a survival show: "Sneer Factor." Effete english profs are locked inside a Winn-Dixie in Macon, Georgia; forced to survive on Oscar Mayer bologna, Nehi and Moon Pies.


Hi IH,

A great ride down memory lane. (I saw this piece on either Free Republic or CNS awhile back.) The following comments actually appeared in a discussion on our faculty listserv a few weeks back.

"When it comes to grocery shopping, I choose where I shop based on quality, not price. I'm probably typical of the kind of customer [unnamed high-end] Market caters to, and the feeling is mutual. Why shouldn't we reward each other? Walmart and ***** can feed frozen dinners to the masses. I'd rather eat my own food, made from scratch, with the best ingredients available."


"If you and others who think like you buy only Sushi and other specialty products at ***** Market, but you buy everything else from a cheaper store, DLM will go bankrupt. Then, you won't be able to find Sushi at any of the other stores you mention. You will have to live on canned, store brand tuna from Walmart.

It is the little, everyday decisions we make about such things that have turned the United States into one big McMarket."

You can't make this stuff up.

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