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More proof America peaked so many years ago.


First BJ at 16, eh? Where'd you grow up, Bed-Stuy?

I have a sneaking suspicion that, as much as the reader might want to relive his seemingly identical tender years, the qualities the older suburban SUV-wrangler needs are somewhat different.

For example: After nearly begging the babysitter to accept a ride home last night, I nearly gouged her eye out on the column shift while trying to force her head into my lap. Granted, I was really trashed and going maybe a little too fast, but I need a vehicle with a push button tranny or some shit.


aaaah memories,......

mid 70's ford station wagon with a big block, and lots of room, I recieved my first bl***ob when I was 16 in the parking lot of the local ski resort from the first really pretty girl I was lucky enough to convince to date me (I dont know what she was thinking, I was a barbarian with absolutely no redeaming value) some might argue I still am...

aaahhh memories....

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