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The Times is on 43rd, not 34th street.

Donna V.

Holy Christ. I read the Michelle Malkin story you linked to above and came across this jewel:

Lieutenant Commander Beidler, 32, on his way to Iraq in January, was walking with his family toward the end of Naval Station Pier 2 when the Times's Charlie LeDuff asked him for his general view of war protesters. Mr. Beidler recalls stating, "Protesters have a right to protest, and our job is to defend those rights. But in protesting, they shouldn't protest blindly; instead, they should provide reasonable solutions to the problem." The LeDuff version had Mr. Beidler criticizing Los Angeles protesters but turning his guns at a complacent United States: "It's war, Commander Beidler said, and the nation is fat. 'No one is screaming for battery-powered cars,' he added." The journalist then turned to Commander Beidler wife's Christal: "'I'm just numb,' she said as she patted down his collar. 'I'll cry myself to sleep, I'm sure.'"
Mr. Beidler was at sea when he discovered how far at sea the Times's reporting was, but he sent off a letter to the editor stating what he had said and arguing that the quotes about national fatness and battery-powered cars "were completely fabricated by Mr. LeDuff in order to connect our nation's dependence on oil with the current military buildup in the Middle East."

Mr. Beidler also stated, "Mr. LeDuff continued his shameful behavior by attributing words and actions to my wife that were not her own. Not only did she not say she would cry herself to sleep, but she didn't pat down my collar either, which was impossible for her to accomplish with my civilian shirt hidden under my jacket and a duffle bag hanging on my shoulder closest to her."

"The quotes about national fatness?" Reality? Or Iowahawk parody?

Donna V.

While her particular production skill - breezy schoolgirl political chat sprinkled with 1979 pop culture references - has long lost its usefulness, she remains ready to help others pundits should they ever need a childish nickname for a Bush administration official.


Although when I saw MoDo on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, she wasn't her usual perky self. I can't imagine why.


Yup, but it wasn't that hard to write. Out here in flyover country we're used to NPR and Times reporters parachuting in to chronicle our wretched plight with compassionate condescension. I just decided to return the favor.


I read this when it first appeared! I may even have linked to it! That was you, huh? I thought it was written by Dave Barry or some other professional wit. I'm impressed.

Brian O'Connell


Seems I've got a new daily read.

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