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Jay Manifold

I know what "proselytizing" means, but I don't want to know what "prostheletising" is -- sounds like some kind of attempt at conversion involving artificial limbs. Having said that, I'm sending this link to some appreciative family and friends.

Minnesota Fat Man


Oh well, you're still an Iowegian and therefore ipso facto inferior to your northern neighbors.

Chet Roy

YeeeeHaaaw for Howie Brush (middle name needs a little work, though – how ‘bout Bob?) The boys down to the barbershop will be mighty worked up when he rolls into Hog Wallop – pedicures half-off! Almost as exciting as when Fireball Roberts won at Darlington back in ’58.


Too bad for you, Minniehoosker. Around here it's Blaine's Farm & Fleet. And I used to go ice fishing in the frozen aisle of Hinky Dinky.

Minnesota Fat Man

That's "Fleet Farm", not "Farm & Fleet", you metrosexual Iowa clown. You probably don't even go ice fishing!


"and later converted to Nordic Pantheism after a $6 late fee charge at Blockbuster."




Just...... brilliant. As usual.

(And that's from a furriner!)


Somewhere along a Georgia stream...

"Ahoy, gentlemen! I'm Howard Dean, and I'm running for president. Can you tell me what the name of this fine village might be?"

"You done taken a wrong turn...."

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