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TJSL used to be "Western State University" where anyone with $$$ could get accepted. Not noted for producing top lawyers...


Almost forgot...

The Geneva Convention that she so cavalierly tosses out there does not apply to terrorists who hide among civilians. It only applies for people who are part of an official (and uniformed) military of a signatory country. So all those fine folks detained down in Cuba (at our base that is, not the Cuban civilians detained by Castro) do not fall under the Geneva Convention.

Man, her organization is enough to give even _lawyers_ a bad name.


I think it's about time the Trib started testing its writers for drug use. I'm not sure what the hell she was on when she wrote that piece, but it must have been some heavy-duty stuff.

Michael Gill


Is this a female professor or someone who's just a learner?

Occasional Reader

When I was in law school, I noticed flyers urging us to join this funny thing called a "lawyer's guild". I thought: "guild"? You mean, like those medieval goldsmiths and whatnot? Nope, turns out that in current parlance, "guild" means "soviet" or something like that.

Hey iowahawk--are you suurrrrre you didn't swipe the "Bobby Ewing dream sequence" idea from Mark Steyn? Don't make me rat you out to our Lizardoid Master.

Mike G

As I read that utter bilge I tried guessing the next paragraph each time. It was pretty easy-- about time for a Halliburton reference, about time to mention the uncaught Osama, etc. I wonder how many even bother to finish under such circumstances.


The National Lawyers Guild is an old organization of left wing tub thumpers. It probably holds the patent on "sneer quotes".


The National Lawyers Guild (rather innocuous name, except for the "Lawyers" part) is an unabashedly Marxist organization. I'm amused but not surprised.

Read all about' em, if you can stand it.

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