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January 11, 2009




That Schwinn is exactly my first bike. Except my dad welded an extra "bust-your-nuts" bar onto the frame and painted the whole thing orange in order to make it a proper boy's bike - that was almost (yikes!) 40 years ago! A time when making do was the same as making it great, and you could make it great with a $6 bike!


Scott Noteboom

before pulling out the welder, did your dad know the answer to the mysterious question i've always wondered-- why the boys bikes needed to have the nut buster top tube? i was thinking maybe due to frame flex, but why even worry about that on a cruiser? hmmmmmmmmmm.

Prof. Jonathan

The colors of the scooter matches those of the bike and house!

Wonderfully color-coordinated and very metrosexual!

p.s. the house looks like a keeper for sure... good luck with it and have fun!

And may 2009 be a great year for you!


Wow, you have lived in a gamut of places. In which one of those did you reside in a gamete? Those don't have much floor space, do they?

Scott Noteboom

Jonathan-- you're gaydar is indeed impressive in spotting my metrosexual color coordination efforts. i'd ask you out dancing, but i'm much more excited by Average Guy playing naughty teacher with his firm lessons in spelling. I would have never dropped out of school had i known discipline like that. I can imagine the sweet sound of skin slapping against the ruler now. Thank you teacher, feel free to give me another anytime... :-)


Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! You might be interested in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzMzwASNBrQ

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