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December 04, 2008


Unruly Human

That BMW looks like a Puch. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Gridlock (FR)

I had a 64 Labretta Li-150 back when I was in school. What a great little bike. I always thought they looked cooler than the Vespas, which were always a dime a dozen.

Mine was never a shiny and purty as yours, though...

And, of course, that Gaia choking two-stroke was always an environmental nightmare. I'll see if I can dig up an old photo (I had hair!) for the next Earth Day Cruise.

Scott Noteboom

I'm a fellow 1%'er geek as well. You should see my goofy guy scowl as i twist into gear on the '62 Vespa VBB 150. Daughter likes to lean back on the rear rack / spare tire holder sissy bar too. That's how we roll... -scott noteboom


Hey Gridlock -- Yeah, I've alway dug the series III Innocenti, for my money the best looking scooter ever made.

Scott -- No shit! Do you know Justin Magana? He's a HAMBer and scoot geek from the Sunnyvale / Mountainview area, think he has an early Vespa SS among others. He's also the keyboard guy in Harold Ray Live in Concert (has a motherlode of vintage Farfisa organs). BTW - fellow Bolusite Cratedigger is also scooter geek.

Rob De Witt

OK, speaking of scooters and girls: in the '70s, living in San Francisco, I sang telegrams for a living, using my 68 Vespa 180 for delivery.

Also, I was apparently the only straight guy in evidence; my entire approach consisted of "Wanna go for a ride?". The drooling in envy lamp is now lit.


Wow! I really need to check out Ace the next time I hit up Chicago. I could be wrong, but that green moped looks to me like an Indian.


That Bonneville T120 looks great.

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