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December 17, 2008



Nice! Those look like stills from some lost 70s noir movie, "Mojave Point" or something.

I'd FedEx you some ramen, but Chicago is snowed under too. But it looks like you at least have some booze and cable TV until spring thaw. Don't go Donner Party on us!


The bottle is all the food you need

Tony G.

Wow. Who needs to go outside, with inside scenery like this?????

Boogie Man

I would just like to say, in complete gentlemanly respect, that is totally hot.

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I must say that she really did get a best shots. I know that it would feel a lot of warm if snow comes because of the fireplace. Well, sometimes I find it hard to clean the fireplace.

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I'm currently snowed in and without any food save for a box of white rice (I wasn't expecting this much snow). Any desert denizens with a bitchin' all terrain vehicle want to take me to the market? I'm starving. But no matter how hungry I get, I wish I could stay here forever.

Amber Puckett

The model on the picture is not that appealing to the readers. She is groggy in a way that nobody would believe what she is selling.

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Nice Fire Place. Love the pics.

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The place feels warm. Nice pose.

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Very artistic concept of the photo.

Tukwila Kenmore

The girl looks funny, But great article. Thanks for posting.

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