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December 18, 2008



You had me at stirrup socks.


Now is the time we dance on Sprockets!

David Crawford

I am going to use a phrase that I have never, even once, used in my life:


Tex Lovera

When I was a teenager, the local PBS station used to carry a weekly show called "Soccer Made in Germany". A British play-by-play guy named Toby Charles would call a Bundesliga game, which would be edited down to one hour (I think that should be done for ALL soccer telecasts).

Anyhoo, one of his favorite phrases was, "Ooooh, a bad one there!!"

I think it never applied more.

Boogie Man

"Don we now our gay apparel..."


that dude with the orange rainbow "kit" killed it with his moves. ahh, the pleasures of unlimited bandwidth.

Rich Cox

I know there is a more current unveiling from the same that had all HAWT chicks.... and then they danced in strange ways. It must be a cultural thing.

No wonder they lost the war.

Chris Glick

This is a bit of Jesus Christ Soccerstar that was lefft on the cutting room floor, right?

I minored in German but this, this almost makes me regret. There was in 1994 or so a Beck song, "Loser," that towards the end has a muffled, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch, eh, Baby?" I didn't know Beck performed for the Budesliga actors' guild.

Tex Lovera


A more appropriate version of that Beck song, done in a swingin' lounge-lizard style, was covered later by the Aquabats.

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