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October 15, 2008


Scott Noteboom

this must be the small, compact, efficient next generation car that "they" were talking about in the debate tonight. Surely carbon neutral, or something, so i gotta have it...


The cart's oxygen cylinder probably has "SCOTT" embossed on it. I was at the "Corrosion Corner" part of the Miami airport and there was a pile of surplus Pan American walk around oxygen bottles still charged, but out of date. I bought the whole pile and stuffed them into a Corvette. On the way back I stopped in Orlando and Gene Middlebrooks (Turbonique) took about half of them. It wasn't fun driving as the whole load would roll around with the slightest change in direction. Had a valve broken it would have been interesting. I still have four, full of oxygen.


Heck yea. I may be gettin old, but I remember reading and dreaming about that kart. 65 was the hey day for karting, so anything new came out in print, us kids were on top of it. Thanks for reviving a little testosterone. A "blast" from the past. Now, anyone know of that v8 powered snow machine from the cover of PM circa 67/68?

Jay Perry

A go-kart in the back of an old pick up caught my attention one day. I could tell right away that it was rocket powered, just buy the look of it. When I asked the young driver of the truck about his cargo he replied that it had been his grandpa's and that he and his dad had just had it out for a test run and that they had got it up to 120 mph. I asked if it was a Hydrogen Peroxide powered system and he said no. It is a Turbonique liquid fuel system. That was the first and probably the last time that I imagine I will ever see one. It was in Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada back in the spring of 1992.

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