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October 31, 2008


Professor Jonathan

And here, thanks to the magic of the InterWobs, is the full-length version in living black & white, Dolby Monophonic and guaranteed goose-bumps!


I saw this late one night on French tv and never forgot it.

It looks a lot like vintage David Lynch and I wouldn't be surprisedi to learn that it actually served as the inspiration for his own work.

In particular, there's the same interpenetion of the natural and the supernatural, some great sets and locations and even a strange ressemblance btween The Creeper and Robert Blake in 'Lost Highway'...

What more could anyone want?

Scott Noteboom

Thanks for the link. While i remembered this movie as i wrote, hadnt seen it in a couple years-- that said, whenever i think of scary movie, I think of Carnival. Nice to watch it again tonight.

Yeah, lots of fun stuff for smart folks who arent distracted by the cars to interpret.... The symbolism of the carnival-- removing the body from the soul before the realization of lent-- death. On one hand the struggle to hold onto purgatory-- on the other hand the draw to the carnival.

I'm spooked.

Professor Jonathan

Glad to be of service...it's pretty unique for the period: I can't think of anything similar - and we haven't even mentioned the musical score yet: that creeeepy organ that accompanies the action from nearly the start to the finish.

Fans of B-movies will also appreciate the total lack of visual continuity in many of the scenes, too numerous to describe here. Just check out the girl's sudden emergence from the river, and how her position changes every time the camera cuts back and forth from the tow to her...

Professor Jonathan

(I hit the wrong key and had to post the incomplete response above or lose the whole text...so as I was saying):

Just check out the girl's mysterious emergence from the river after the accident and how her position changes every time the camera cuts back and forth from the townspeople to her... Or the illogical transitions from day to night and back again in the same scene...

All of this, plus the atypical beauty and slightly fey personality of the lead actress (with the improbable name of Candace Hilligoss - and why do I keep thinking that she got the part because she was sleeping with the director?)and her equally out-of-place British accent (real or affected?) only add to the charm and strange attraction of this film.

Oh yeah, that, and the fact that one of the other actors is actually named Steve Boozer!


It's servi-car.

Tyra Shortino

Indeed, the cars in the movie look awesome. I like the 1953 Chevy in the sixth picture. The movie looks interesting, but the Creeper scares me in that picture. LOL.

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