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August 18, 2008



Dat is going to be one nice deuce.

Scott Noteboom

Oh man.... '32 Ford, and an earlier build hot rod on top of that. I can feel the soul of that car glowing through the photo and I'm very stoked for you. I'd go with the flathead like was in it's first version, or hell.... run the hemi. -scott noteboom


I'll be posting soon re engine choice, and a '53 Merc flattie is possibly in the mix.


what about the caddy motor that we pulled 2 years ago?


Nice find man! Keep us posted on the progress........this mean you are selling the A?


Tman - not initially, but will probably sell the A sometime after the Deuce is done. This is the keeper.

concerto de parabrisas

Cool discovery!

Angelica Emmanuel

Cool beans! That seems to be the foundation needed to make a solid, no-nonsense, street racer. I'm sure that, once you finish that project, you'll have one rad racer in your hands.

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