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August 08, 2008


Professor Jonathan

Not a very talkative bunch around here, Cratedigger.

I guess it has to do with the lean, sunburnt and tequila-drinking hombres that Burge tends to hang out with: hard men of few words whose ears are more attuned to the heady music of supercharged engines than to the subtle arrangements of Pigmeat Markham or the Bar-Kays.

I for one appreciate your posting this hand-picked selection of rarities: stuff we'd normally never get to hear otherwise. It's part of our past, our musical heritage - and for some of us, our generation.

Like I say, don't the silence spook you: inquisitive and appreciative eyes and ears (and I don't mean Echelon and the NSA) are out there following our efforts to pass on what we know and love here on Bolus.

And as soon as the majority of these fans learn how to read and write, I'm confident that we'll soon wish that they hadn't.

As you can see, my optimism in humanity is boundless.

Best regards and keep hanging in there,

Professor Jonathan

Professor Jonathan

Oh yeah, did I forget to say that half these fuckers are deaf as well?


Thanks Prof Jonathan.
My skin is thicker than most. I have had many vehicular experiences involving all sorts of mayhem.
So I get it.
Most of my vehicular time is spent with vintage bicycles these days, though when I do drive either my Honda or my muscle car, I still tend to drive them like I stole them. Ask Dave...
I have a small house full of records and old hifi stuff. Feel free to stop by sometime, cratedig.blogspot.com

Professor Jonathan

Thanks for the invitation...you seem to have a thing for Raleighs; a few years back, I had the luck of finding a mint Royal Roadster (we're in 3-speed Sturmey-Archerland now, but I presume you won't hold it against me), ca. 1983.

Like all the Royal Roadsters, it was the definitive 3-speed: nothing could nor ever will touch it in terms of quality and pure craftsmanship.

As I'm sure you know, they went out of production around ten years ago: too expensive to make, too expensive to sell.

Sic transit gloria mundi...

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