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August 09, 2008


Scott Noteboom

Damn, now i'm feeling like the Noteboom clan should have come down to LA to meet up with the Iowahonians and Coopsters. I get jealous when i hear about murder scene tours, scary clowns and old horror flicks-- that occur in my old neck of the woods. When we lived in LA (East Hollywood towards Los Feliz,) we were down the street from the Tex Watson bungalow (looked similar to the complex pic you have above) and I spent time researching the Manson LoveFest. While doing so, I had the GREAT PLEASURE of running into the Filipino guy who owned the LaBianca house at the time. He let me come inside and pulled some rug so that i could see what remains of blood stains on the floor. I also happen to know the secret location of the Manson caves aka Stoners Den in the Santa Susana Mountains close to Spawn Ranch, which is great fun... spelunking anyone? I love the traditional LA Violence Scene! -scott noteboom

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