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August 24, 2008




Can't believe you left out Charlie Ryan's "Hot Rod Lincoln"... a 12-cylinder with a Model A body?

You got ta have bolus to drive that!

Professor Jonathan

Heck, bring 'em on boys: the more the merrier!


Thanks for the bluesy tour Jonathan!

“Where you g’wan with that guitar, boy?” My blood ran cold when I turned around on that dusty gravel crossroads in Mississippi and saw the mysterious stranger. He was pale and ghostly but his eyes burned red like blacksmith’s coals. "Welsuh, I'm headed up to Tupelo to be a bluesman," I answered nervously. “Boy,” he cackled with demon grin, “if you want to bargain, I’ll teach you to make that guitar scream and wail like woman making love.” Down in the Delta, they say I was a fool for making that deal with the devil, they say I’ve got the hellhounds on my tail. But they also say this: there’s not a bluesman alive who can play the entire first part of 'Smoke on the Water' like Hellbound Dave.

Reno Sepulveda

Fred Eaglesmith's "Pontiac" is pretty damn cool. Bleak but cool. Chuck Prophet's "Summertime Thing" shows that you don't need a 409 or a little duece coupe just a little gas money.

"...Ask your dad for the keys to the Honda
And can your sister come along, how could she not wanna?
Put the Beach Boys on, I want to hear hear Help Me Rhonda
awww, put the Beach Boys on, wanna hear Help me Rhonda!

Hey! It's a summertime thing..."

Professor Jonathan


"Summertime Thing":


Actually, he sounds great - as does his wife Stephanie, who backs him up. There's an unpolished quality and just enough melodic chord changes to create a sound you want to hear more of...


A nice Eaglesmith track - the lyrics sound like vintage Dylan:


Professor Jonathan

Uh, Hellbound Dave...you've made great progress and all, but I have to say that the idea of having to hear you playing "Smoke on the Water" day and night for Eternity is seriously starting to bring me down to the point where I beginning to doubt who's supposed to be tormenting who around here.

So look, be a good kid and forget the contract: I'll call off the dogs and you can even keep the damned guitar. Oh yeah, and your soul - don't forget it on your way out, son.

B. Zellbub

Reno Sepulveda


Here's a pretty decent video for Fred's Pontiac.


Professor Jonathan


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