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July 28, 2008



cratedigger pondering a hot wire job on the Benz coupe...

Professor Jonathan

Lake Forest, huh? I can smell the money all the way over here...old money, new money, buckets of bucks. Those cars certainly reflect it: Grey Poupon all the way...

How about the Babes? Events like that usually attract their share of refined ladies whose every gesture is calculated to bring out the beast in gentleman capable of reading between the lines.

Mmm, the memories...

The WWII planes form a great contrast to the Lake Forest foie gras feast: no-nonsense flying machines designed to do their thing and get the crew back alive. The bottom line was survival, period.

Certainly two extremes in those pics: two very different worlds interconnected by a multitude of hidden links...

Speaking of which, I still can't get mine to embed, Dave.

David Crawford

There is no doubt, the P-51 Mustang was the baddest-ass looking airplane ever produced. Could you imagine being a young pilot and being shown the P-51 as the plane you'll fly? Your shorts would be stained about three different ways.


I toured the B-17 Nine-O-Nine while on vacation a couple of years ago. My wife and I were driving from Key West north along Highway One when we passed an airport (on Marathon Key, I think). The B-17 and B-24 were parked on the taxiway. I've been a fan of the B-17 since watching "Twelve O'clock High as a kid. So I jumped at the chance to take a walk-through (climb-through, really)tour. The ship is in fantastic shape; absolutely clean and every detail perfect. What really stunned me however, was the scale of the plane and it's relative fragility. It's crew space is very small and the aluminum skin would not slow down a .22 bullet, let alone .50 cal or 20mm rounds. Hats off to those guys who climbed into these things and did their job.

Kevyn Hagemann

Some of the most beautiful cars ever made are from Lincoln, do you agree? Those things are masterpieces on wheels. They are massive, handsome machines, but also sleek and sexy. I have no words to describe how gorgeous these cars are. I love the Invicta Roadster. I happen to own an almost similar (but newer model) Mercedes Benz SSK replica powered by a modern VW engine, which is unbelievably fast. Nothing beats feeling the wind on your hair while cruising along a beach side road. Of course, I never drive it when it rains or else I'll be soaked to the bone.

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