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July 03, 2008


Boogie Man

That's the classiest pole dance I've ever seen.

Professor Jonathan

Jeez, Burge - where the hell did you find this 'Professor Jonathan' character?

I'm shocked to see that you've even let him join the club.

Man, do I ever feel a Groucho Marx moment coming on....


This, plus your "Clarification" post at Iowahawk.

Same day, same internet.

You've outdone yourself my friend. Pure Genius.


Oh, Prof. Jonathan isn't an iteration of Iowahawk?



Thanks for the lesson Prof.

Have you heard William Orbit's electronic reinterpretation of Satie's Ogive Number 1? One of the best cuts off that particular album IMHO.

Professor Jonathan

Thanks for the tip, Woody; I'll try to grab it somewhere off the Intertube when I'm feeling a bit better: I've just carefully re-read that awful introduction to my piece by Burge - doubtlessly on a bender again, or worse.

'Hippy bon vivant'? Christ, I'm going to be sick.


Projecting your goddam DTs on the innocent is no substitute for a good twelve-step program.

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