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July 04, 2008


Professor Jonathan

I followed the link to your blog http://notebooms.com/blogger/?p=103

and read your piece about your friend 'Mike': a sad story indeed, but one from the heart (yours).

A tough choice for you, but certainly the right one.

All that's left to say is that one hopes it all works out for him....


Nuts! I'm astonished that you could find aluminum welders out in the middle of Mexico.

Glad you got out of the "coca cabana" unscathed.


Was that pan torch welded? I'm no slouch with TIG but have tried welding aluminum with oxy acetylene only a few times. Its no fun. Whoever did it wasn't that bad.

Scott Noteboom

yep-- the mexican dude welded it with a torch-- and it really was done pretty decent. the key to success here is that this is an offroad town-- the Baja 500 goes through San Felipe, and it's the home of the San Felipe 250. thus, these guys see all kinds of damage to race cars/trucks, quads, etc.

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