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July 31, 2008


Professor Jonathan

Mmmmm! Debutants!

Pass the Old Spice and the Balla Scrotum Talc...


One of these things is not like the others....

Professor Jonathan

And only eight of the ten are visible.


Uhh, Professor Jonathan?

Is that metric counting that you use in France where 8 = 9?

On another note, I predict that these young ladies will make some guy perfectly miserable in about 8 years time. That is 8 years from now not eight years from when they start, because I'm totally sure that they will be able to go from 0 to Bitch in about 4.2 sec.


Mystery solved!

The last one is inside one of the skirts.

Professor Jonathan

Tolbert, unless there's one without a head, I still count only eight. And that's in French or English.

It's back to remedial math for you, boy.


Prof J.

That's some powerful hootch that you be drinkin.

If you look at the Blonde near the middle, no, not the cow on the floor, the other one.

Now she's got three to the left and five to the right, counting the cow on the floor. Including herself that be 9, not eight.

And here endth the lesson.

Professor Jonathan


No be drinking hootch, and I only see 3.5 debs to the right of the Blond in the middle.

Are you insinuating that my Amiga 500 is not giving me the whole picture?


Prof J,

Amiga 500? I thought you were restricted (by law) to using a minitel terminal.

Either way your missing 15% of the available poontang that is represented in that photo and from where I'm viewing she looks like a young and hot Kathleen Turner, before she gained aproximately 1.8 metric tons. (See how I worked the metric system in there)

Professor Jonathan

Just to remain technologically comliant, I've got the Amiga hooked up to a France Telecom Visiophone screen - which might account for some of the image cropping.

You do seem to have the hots for the metric system though.

If you like, I can post a pic or two of some sexy one-meter-long objects. And I'm not talking about any of my intimate anatomical details here...

B Moe

What is the over/under on total alimony payments in 10 years, you reckon?

Professor Jonathan

Approximately one cubic meter of one-hundred euro notes, all depending on the weight (in kilograms) of the Deb at the moment of the divorce.

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