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June 22, 2008



Nice overalls. Man, you really were a farmboy!


I thought we had similar wardrobes. Carhartt?

To your knowledge did Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts ever make it to cornland?



Unfortunately I never knew the Hot Nuts to play in the Hawkeye State (tho I have a few of their ribald classics on the iPod)

mary sweeney

kacy ross to funny i have the record also.

LTC (Ret) Jeff Bourne

Wierd that I ran across this site, when i had just been thinking about Kacy. He was a few years older than me at Audubon. My dad (the high school band director) talked about him quite a bit...he was very talented. I remember him for being the guy who painted Albert the Bulls balls like a flag.

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That's awesome, I have heard the songs.

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