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June 07, 2008


Scott Noteboom

I've got wrinkles growing by my eyes-- and the ol' Prince of Deception's been smoking that damn cigar for past 15 years and still doesn't look like he's aged a day. He's gotta be on Botox, Coop, I swear.

Those images were part of my 20's living down south in Hollywood-- so they bring mostly good memories (Anissa and i lived by Hollywood / Vermont by Los Feliz back then.) Life was good driving L.A. in my '62 Lincoln convertible back then.

Righteous stuff. Someday i gotta see your studio when i head south some time. Hell, one of these days I wanna hang a piece of your evil on my wall.

-scott noteboom


Drop by anytime!


Always fascinating to see these pieces come together, Coop. I have a question about the fourth image from the top (the one with the Air Force image). Was that based on a T-38 Talon? (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/49/T-38.jpg)

The image really seems to convey the Talon's sweeping lines (which most people might recognize from the so-called MIGs in Top Gun). To me, the Talon's lines are implied. But the image is tauntingly ambiguous, so I can't tell what kind of fuselage that is. Indeed, I wonder whether it's a fuselage at all.

Anyway, something about the image just grabbed me. I cut my teeth working around T-38s (as a JAG, not a pilot). Maybe this is why the image appears in my mind. True?


For some reason, the link in my post above has an extra ")" at the end. Here's how it should read:



The interesting thing is that unlike Warhol or Rosenquist you are appropriating pop iconography of your own creation. It's sorta as if Warhol had actually designed the Brillo box for Lever Brothers before making into art.

Yipes! Gotta run, 'nother tornado on the way...


Nope, the jet in Rosenquist's F-111 is, well, an F-111!


Now that's funny. Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?


Well crap, I thought that was your "obvious tribute" I was looking at. I should have followed the link.


Matter of fact I got one of those lighters sitting here on my desk, beat to shit, on its 3rd or 4th hinge pin now, still works but I no longer smoke anything so there it sits, taunting me.


Hmmm....Your devil looks like a blend of Ernie Kovaks and Salvadore Dali. I love your work.

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