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June 07, 2008



I just drove four hours round trip to pick up some mags for the Falcon. I not only ocnvinced the wife to come along, i managed to put two dirty wheels in the back seat of HER car!


Cool story! I've always wondered just who in the world this "Floyd Clymer" fellow was.

BTW I've got that same Floyd Clymer Model T book, and somewhere at my folks' house there is a stack of 5 or 6 short FC books I bought at the Bruckers' Movieland Cars of the Stars Museum when I was a kid. Neat "Brass Era" stuff, and cool to see they had nostalgia in the 50s.

TCDC Power

Wow, where can I find some of Floyd's books for my own? I'm very interested in reading those. Thanks for the information, keep up the good work.

arthur railton

I knew Floyd Clymer for many years whenI was automotive editor of Popular Mechanics magazine which published his Owners Reports.
Art Railton

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