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May 19, 2008



Okay, when are we going to North Carolina to test-drive that sucker?


Name it, brutha. Pack several pair of undershorts.


love all the mid 60s fomoco worship. that car is the coolest!
count me in on the expedition to NC

Car Chick

We always hear about buyers remorse in the auction realm where people have one too many drinks in the bidders bar and pay way too much for far too little. We also hear a lot about people buying their own cars back at auction because others aren't bidding high enough. This is one great story of how a man prevented his own "sellers remorse", even though there was well over $350k hard money on the table from real bidders, the seller realized he had something far too special to part with and was willing to pay the bidder and consignor fees on both ends to keep it. I sure hope he lets the rest of the world enjoy the car at events or museum displays from time to time.


Dammit...I should of gone with you.
You are my hero.

Boogie Man

Holy crap...

John Knight

Eddie Krusch and I are good friends. I live in High Point, North Carolina, a stones throw from Summerfield.

I enjoyed your article, "Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em" and the photos on Eddie's Rocketmobile. He has quite a collection of muscle cars and exotics. He is one of the most sincere persons I know and an asset to the automotive genre.

Thanks again for a great article.

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