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May 08, 2008



I get more unsolicited compliments on my pristine '65 Falcon than I've ever gotten on any of my hot rods or customs.


At all the downhill gas stations.

Prof. Jonathan

Those hoopties certainly bring back some good memories to Professor Jonathan: the first car he ever bought as a callow Chicago youngster was a 1960 Nash Rambler very similar to this one, but in a very tasteful factory-painted white:


I got it second-hand and pretty much in impecable shape from a totally non-descript Hyde Park type in the late '60s for a little over a hundred bucks.

It ran like a top and ultimately took me all the way to a new life of drugs, dregs and debauche in the East Village several years later.

After accumulating a record-breaking number of unpaid parking tickets, I was obliged to change addresses just to keep one step ahead of the law; in the process, the little Rambler got sold to an Asian dude.

I can still remember watching it disappear forever up West Houston Street one chilly Autumn afternoon....



Please be advised: The Chevy II offered an extensive smörgåsbord of power plants - everything from an anemic four banger to a romping stomping 409 cu inch behemoth guaranteed to wrap the stock single leaf rear springs into artistic configurations every time you stuck your foot in it.


My parents' first car after they got married was a '64 Dodge Dart like the one in the bottom picture -- except a 4 door and not as well equipped. Blackwalls, dog dishes -- hell, it was so stripped it didn't even have a radio. (My mom thought it would distract her when she was driving.) It did have the push-button automatic, though. My folks finally sold it in 1979, a couple of years before I was old enough to drive it -- meaning I got to learn to drive on a much less stripped down '77 Cutlass. My dad was indeed a crew-cut civil servant when they bought the Dart -- but he always had decent shirts and ties!

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