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May 21, 2008


Boogie Man

Last weekend I cleaned out my raingutters.



S'awright, Boogie Man. Today I mowed my lawn. ;)


Thanks for the report Mike! Expeshally the eye candy. And that drinking picture of you is going up on the contributor page.

Couple of observations --

I really dig Suckerpunch Sally's bikes, I only wish they would dump the radials and go with vintage Avons... the modern rubber detracts from a nice clean vintage bobber look.

The "Sphere of Fear" rocks! Coop sent me an old "Wall of Death" photo a while back, with a guy driving a bike with a lion (!) in a sidecar. Nice to see gyroscopic daredevilry alive and well.

Re the demise of the Myrtle Beach Strip: reminds me of similar efforts to tame down and family-friendlyize Daytona and Sturgis, with similar results.


That's quite the eye candy!

Myrtle Beach Hotels

Looks like it was a great event. Are bullet bikes frowned upon in these events? I really like them so I was just curious.

The Travel Insurance Over 65 Guy

These pictures are fantastic. It's amazing the talent some people have. Beautiful bikes.

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