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April 30, 2008



Fuck yeah. My Wisconsin buddy Craig (Bolus poster "CAS") is working on a badass van project dubbed "The Chicanoline".

I wish boogie van interiors had influenced architecture.

Boogie Man

Righteous. I still occasionally see one of these sex mosheens limping around, usually in a very sad state. It always makes me wonder how much bongwater and splooge is embedded in that 30-year old avocado deep pile shag.

10-4 Good Buddy!

Joe Smoe

dude.. vans have ALWAYS BEEN COOL!
almost thought you were too until ya had to toss in the coke comments
boy are you mistaken if you think it's a drug driven hobby
JACK DANIELS yes- beer's? YES
vanners and coke ?
ummm no , maybe more like 20 yrs ago it was a common thing but now a days
but the tits are nice


It's not dead at all. Come on out to the nats. http://www.36thvannationals.com/


Vanning of days past?? Not a chance! Although the coke is gone, many of the old show vans are back with a vengeance! I couldnt agree more that the most fun with our vans is when they're gathered and parked, and when, 20 years later, hundreds of vans still gather in spots all over the world, I doubt this sport is going away any time soon.

Step 1) Check out http://www.showtrux.com/ and http://www.vannin.com

Step 2) Buy a van

Step 3) Come and hang out with us, and have the time of your life.


I'm stoked. Vannin' folks showing up to represent the hobby! Couple things:

1) Yep-- Vans have always been RIGHTEOUS! When i was growing up, my dad built one and it stuck with me. i'm suggesting that the "cool" may go more mainstream than it has been lately.

2) As far as someone being offended by the coke. If you like, i'll snort a line off your tits too :-) Seriously though, dont take me so serious-- i've had friends destroyed by coke-- my only lines nowadays are the smart ass ones that i type online.

Keep the party in the van, man.


That's right Vannin is still going strong in the Mid West and extremely well on the East Coast. There are still quite a few vanners on the West Coast as well, but much fewer runs. Come check out www.vannin.com the largest vanning website out there. www.showtrux.com has thousands of pictures of yesterday and today also.


What, no mention of Sammy Johns and "Chevy Van"?

It's alright I'm slackin too. I couldn't find a copy that I could link to.


This is the van I want to build.


rat rod | rat rods

Cool pics of the van and the lady isn't too bad to look at either.

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