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April 30, 2008


Brandon Selman

The worst song of the 80's is "Missing You," by John somebody or another. The local newspaper critic at the time called it "The Thing that Wouldn't Die.' It's inane, overdone,....well, everything 80's pop. Truly, it follows you around like a demon with a fork, perfect for hell.


IIRC, "Timothy" was written either as a drunken dare or to break a lousy contract with the record company...RH assumed cannibalism would be the kiss of death for a top-40 song. He assumed wrong and as someone else said, laughed all the way to the bank.

Catchy tune, and a nice take on the whole 'mining disaster' genre, eh?

Mark Yu

"Half Breed" or "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves," or actually, anything by Cher



Jane - "It's a fine day".
while it's kind of diametric to your picks, there's just something about this song that kind of makes me want to kill myself just because it's so depressing, but if i had to hear it when i arrive in hell, just to hear the song's ending (i'm not gonna ruin it) over and over again makes me
:: shudder ::


isn't it "funny" that these are the songs they play on soft rock stations when you're sitting in the dentist's chair (or were, when I was a kid getting dental work back in the 80's)?

Professor Jonathan

Wow! What a fine collection of songs, Burge!

Thanks ever so much for posting them: hours of enjoyment for me...

I know you were just kidding when you said they were the world's worst.

Keep those hits coming, Dave!

Professor Jonathan

Bad music and even worse videos?

Hell, you people have no idea...


Professor Jonathan

Stand back you fuckers, stand back!

You want bad? I'll give you bad: a pure vision from Hell!


Professor Jonathan

Stand back you fuckers, stand back!

You want bad? I'll show you bad:


Professor Jonathan

Sorry, my evil twin posted the second identical link.


You are all idiots. Most of these songs are great, and Rupert Holmes IS a genius. An Andrew Thompson for the 70's.

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