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April 09, 2008



oh yeah.... i wanna hear some more about these Harrell heads for the 59AB. Would look really nice on my wifes pickup (which i promised i wouldnt "hot rod", by the way....)

-scott noteboom


Gordy got the original Harrell molds from a guy in California, with the original 1946 or 47 brass tags & all. He's going to recast the heads as well as the 2x2 and 3x2 Harrell slingshot-style 2 piece intake manifolds, same one used on Bernardini Bros roadster. Machining will be done at his shop (Ultra Stamping and Assembly in Rockford IL) on high-end CNC machines so they will be high quality. I'll be doing a piece about 'em for the next Garage.

By the way, the guy Gordy got 'em from popped 4 or 5 pairs a few years ago, and Joe & Jason Kennedy used em on a 32 roadster they built for Jim Jard.

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