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March 02, 2008


Paul B

When I first joined the Coast Guard in 1979, I thought PBR was the official beer of the USCG. It was in the soda machine, at all the parties and had that red stripe on the label and yes I did sample one or two in those 23 yrs.


First beer I ever drank, and will be my last.


I'll stick to pint glasses full of cheap ass Vodka and ice thank you very much.


Been drinkin' Blue Ribbon for past 23 years. I can afford any beer, but really prefer PBR.

I once brought a 12 pack out in Calais, France, onboard my boat. Being only 10:00 AM, I felt only the best would do! My neighbor, quickly grabbed and drank a PBR. He said he had never heard of this beer. I explained to him that Pabst was the finest beer served in America. He remarked that he enjoyed it, drank a couple more and wondered why Bud was the only U.S. beer he ever heard. I explained that Bud was for export, we keep the good stuff for our selves.


I've been drinking PBR since high school. Like Bob said above I too can afford any beer but I drink Pabst most of the time. In Milwaukee in the 70's it was THE beer.
My ex-wife still bitches about our first date. I bought a 12 pack of PBR and we drove around in my skylark drinking it. She had 1 and I had 11.One was enough for ...you know. Drinking and driving didn't have the stigma it has now. Those were the good old days.


My Mom worked for the local PBR distributor as a bookkeeper. They also sold Lowenbrau when it was an actual German import, not the crap that was later brewed here in the US. I remember when the big brewers were Pabst, Schlitz, Miller and Bud. What the heck happened to PBR and Schlitz? The beer was good, but the marketing must have been awful.

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