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March 18, 2008



"Does anybody know where I can get a canister of N-propyl nitrate?"

You are a "Super Genius"...and my hero


Hey ape, what the hell are you doing wasting time on the internet? Turn off the damn iMac and get back to the S&M garage!


How about designing one with a practical application to power heavy duty diesel trucks...sanely? Increase fuel economy and drive the dot nuts..We are professionals we can handle it.


Because of the blowy-uppy.

The big problem was the N-proplyene nitrate, which had a habit of collecting/pooling in the rotor case if you got on and off the throttle. When enough collected, kabloooie.

In the most recent issue of Garage I interviewed Ky "Rocketman" Michaelson who was an early user of Turbonique but went on to develop his own hydrogen peroxide rocket motors. Much safer and meter-able. Ky built a rocket car that still holds the all time 1/4 mile speed and ET record, low 3 second @ 412 mph.

Matt Everett

Carter was the President that told you NOT to import oil and turn down your thermostats because an energy crisis was coming..

Instead we laughed at him then like you are now. Oblivious to just how right the guy was. Like those laughing at Al Gore's "I created the internet' quote that he never made. It a culture of misinformed people looking to point blame everywhere but their own non voting selves.

The 80s and Reagan were the ages of Political Correctness. The 70s were the age of mainstream drug use.

Maybe people just traded rocket cars for LSD, certainly a lot cheaper and safer, but still pretty darn crazy.

Plus all the crazy people, who had nothing better to do but make rocket cars or be an astronaut wannabe, went to Vietnam.

When your left picking up the pieces of a failed war, civil unrest and middle eastern violence I think you'll find aggressiveness is less effective.

I think Carter was a man of his times. Supporting and end to the failed war on drugs, less intervention based politics and a long term energy plan.

He is a better President easily than Nixon, Reagan, Bush or Bush. Maybe better than Clinton.

Things like blow jobs and cocaine scandals are just NOTHING compared to funneling billions of tax revenue to mega corporations. Though Bush SR wasn't so bad.

Reagan and Bush are one in the same, though Reagan was obviously an actor and more charismatic. Reagan ended third party drug reviews, game the largest tax break to the wealthy in history, shipped TENS OF THOUSANDS of tons of weapons to islamic extremists under executive order, re-ignited the failed war on drugs pushing us further into a police state with unenforceable laws. Of course, as only the most blind loyalist know, he illegal sold weapons to Iran. THEN he took the money, as if it was his, and illegally funded murderous rebels who used our money and CIA intel to MURDER their political enemies aka Iran-Contra affair.

Plus he started this spend like it's wartime... ALL the time strategy and we've never left it since. Doing that ushered in the era of spend and borrow. GOP President's make up some 80% of the national debt.
The list going on for Reagan, though not as bad as Bush in many way Bush modeled himself after Reagan. Bush even pushed the missile shield, which in his defense, is infinitely more effective that Star Wars, which never managed to develop a powerful solid state laser, but rather something that MIGHT burn a hole through paper.. eventually. PLUS putting it in space was probably just extra dumb and expensive.

Carter, in comparison wasn't pushing the police state or consumption based economics, which are quite popular platforms here in America... at least while the economy does well they are.

I think Carter's strategies, while less popular, had much more long term value in making America stronger.
BUT, at the time America's laughed off conservation like the laughed off Hilary's National Health care plan in the 90s.

Funny, not so much later, we slander them both as we demand what they tried to give us.

Don't be a fool who blames his democratically elected leaders for what is obviously the people's choice.

Blame the people and set an example for accountability instead of finger pointing.

Of course, during the space race, rocket technology was very new and exciting, but the fact is, it's not particularly useful or impressive in any means beyond WOW that's a big explosion. It's just GO FAST technology that uses tons of fuel to basically do absolutely nothing useful.

Sorry, but can't you see how this mentality is JUST the type of consumption minded obsession we need to get away from.

Are the forecloser tend towns SILL not getting the message across to you yet? Rocket mania and giant steel cars with 800 HP drives this mentality of people that need 400 HP on the highway.

Yea, well funny I see most of you SUV drivers putting along at the speed limit these days. I guess paying 60-80 bucks to fill your tank up is the crash course on conservation.

We have plenty of awesome dangers of our times. Synthetic chemicals in the water, tons of pollutants in the air, radiation from the thousands of nuke tests the US did, hormones and antibiotics filled foods, Chinese imports. We'll almost certainly produce some type of mutant human subrace soon. That's pretty exciting stuff.

Maybe living in fear of nuclear annihilation just makes a generation of people a little less scared of dieing young. I mean, your practicing duck and cover in school, and you're there under your desk.. bracing for a nuclear shock wave thinking...

MAN if I only had a rocket car.

I get the feeling too, but also funny that in the energy crisis people are stilling calling Carter a pussy.

Blame JFK for helping the civil rights movement, that's most likely where over regulation started as people started to actually enforce civil rights and that brought about concepts such as personal liability and emotional distress to a degree they didn't exist before.

Blame woman for getting rights. Oh wait, you did.

But truly the 80s were the period of greatest law suits and political correctness. That's where people invented lat suites for getting coffee spilled on themselves or putting their car in the microwave because there was no warning label.

OH the 80's

As a side note. Anyone seen the movie The Darwin Awards ? The rocket car scene is extremely similar to what the article talks about.



I am only saying this because I care, there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing, you should try some of them.

Bob in Houston.


Forget it, he's on a roll.


I'll be a speed bump on his roll... Carter is a pussy.

Dan V.

Wow...that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject except bitch about everything, and I just wasted 5 mins of my time reading it. Hope your happy.


Dude this is amazing! I want to have rocket propelled Formula Car!

Franklin Ratliff


Jack McClure's 1972/73 kart used a hydrogen peroxide rocket motor built by Arvil Porter.

Gene Middlebrooks began his work with hot gas generator technology while an engineer at Martin-Marietta in Orlando in the early sixties.

Middlebrooks went to prison on federal mail fraud charges when he became more interested in selling distributorships than in further developing Turbonique technology.


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Dante Mallet

In a speed devil's mind those ideas are brilliant. If you think those ideas are off the wall, then you must not heard of the Nucleon, the 1958 attempt to power a car with a nuclear reactor, I kid you not. The idea was suggested in an era when people think nuclear power is cool. It's quite laughable actually, you can see that the designers failed to understand nuclear science as well as rear-end collisions. Good thing for us, the concept never left the drawing board.

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Gene Middlebrooks began his work with hot gas generator technology while an engineer at Martin-Marietta in Orlando in the early sixties.

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