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March 24, 2008



That's one hell of a first post!

My old man spent 8 weeks at Ft Bliss in the late 50's and did his Mexican debauchery in Juarez. I had the pleasure of retracing his steps last fall while searching for the Orbitron.

Dig that donkey pic.


Stray remembrance from my first venture into TJ, 1983: me and a group of 3 buddies from Iowa got lured into a clip joint by a street barker. We sat at a circular booth and were immediately joined by a quartet of painted ladies who tried to persuade us to purchase them $100 bottles of champagne from the hovering waiters. When that didn't happen they became aggressively friendlier in an attempt to sell us their anatomical merchandise. The one who was after my drunk buddy Rob started to feel out tackle under the table; so he decided to return the favor. To his chagrin, Rob discovered his "gal" was anything but.

I doubt anyone has ever since seen a drunk white farmboy ever run that fast.


You were at the infamous, "Cordoba Club", on Avenida de la Revolucion.

Them gurrls had something extra about them....

How's about remembering the bacon and cheese hot dogs at 3:00 am?


Foodwise the thing I'll always remember about my first trip to TJ was an old lady who had a streetside taco stand. She cooked the meat in a Aluminum dish mag wheel whose slots had been welded shut. Best mag wheel tacos I ever ate.

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