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March 11, 2008



I've always liked the look but man, a gringo El Gordo like me at 6'2" and 300lbs just has to stick with the cargo shorts, Dickies and Aloha shirts.


Totally cool! Was looking for a Zoot Suit, but they don't have the catalog up.

Bolus, pass the word to Evan that there are a bunch of mispelled (sp?) on the home page.

I dig what the Greenspan's are doin'!


I have bought many fine Dickie's® pants and shirts at Greenspan's. It's a great old-school storefront. Good to see the online version.


Never been to CA, but a friend of mine (a Quad Cities boy and John Deere employee) refers to Farm and Fleet as "the F&F Boutique."


Yeah, F+F usually has the best deals on Dickies and Carhart junk, but limited selection.

The closest thing to Greenspan's in Chicago is work clothes joint on N. Cicero called Rasenick's. They've got tons of everything from Dickies to Ben Davis to Red Cap. No "Milano" hats tho.

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